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Bob Deen

Bob began flying in 1981 and became an aircraft owner shortly thereafter.  At that point, Bob was a Senior Executive at a computer service company serving the Savings and Loan industry.  His airplane was used for business and pleasure.

Like a lot of first time buyers, Bob’s first airplane was a Cessna 172.  The airport where Bob learned to fly later became a horse farm.  Disgustingly, the hangers became horse stalls.

Wanting more performance, he purchased an RG Cardinal.  Later came a Piper Seneca and a Cessna 182 modified for Skydiving.  As airplanes progressed, so did more advanced ratings.

Bob began flying professionally after a career in management and sales.  He says that Flight Instruction is a way to give back to the flying community and he enjoys watching others progress.

Ratings include Commercial Pilot with Multi-engine and Instrument airplane, CFI and CFII.  Bob has accumulated 4400 flight hours and is also a “retired Skydiver”, having jumped for 48 years and made some 2200 jumps.